Pastor’s Perspective



Pastor’s Perspective

The church is a very unique and special creation of God. By design it is full of individuality that is designed to function as a whole. The master plan and purpose for the church is possible because of the way God builds and fills the church. Within every church are special, chosen and gifted individuals with specific assignments given by God to compliment the mission of the church. If just one or two people use their gift and no one else does, the design of the church cannot function to its full potential. When God made you he gave each of you a specific personality and spiritual gift(s). He then chose a place (church) for you to use your gift and placed you there because he wanted and needed your gift and personality to fulfill the purpose of that particular church. I have met people who have done almost everything imaginable because they wanted to see the church become a success. The outcome is that person gets burned out and used up and there are things that get left undone. Until we know and become comfortable with the gift and personality God has given to each of us, we will never find contentment and peace. No one person can do everything well. There are people with natural talent that get things done, but there is no joy because they are acting outside of their giftedness and the area God has called them. I challenge each person to discover your God given personality and spiritual gift. Then look for a place in the church to use that gift. You might say,” I don’t see anywhere to use my gift”. Then you are not looking for it because it is there, right in front of you. All you have to do is volunteer. Simply say “Here I am Lord, use me”. Do what you are called and gifted to do and you will be energized. Work outside of your giftedness and you will get tired and bitter. I know what my gift is and when I am using it I find the joy of Christ. When I am not working in my giftedness then joy is drained and it becomes a chore. A word of caution. Do not let this become an excuse to become lazy.

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Student Ministry

Summer is over, and all the kids are back in school. We ask that you pray for our students, teachers, schools, and all involved in the education and safety of our youth during the school year.


September 7, 8, 9th the youth will be attending Rock the Universe at Universal Studios. This is going to be a great time for them and we are excited for this event. We ask that you pray for everyone involved in this trip. We will be spending the weekend there and attending a church service there on Sunday morning. I pray that God will be working in many lives at this event and there will be lives changed!


On September 23rd we invite everyone to stay for lunch after Sunday Services! The youth will be helping to prepare lunch and serving a family style meal. We will be serving Beef Stroganoff, salad, green beans, bread and for dessert you will have your choice of Apple or Peach crisp with ice cream. This is a fund raiser for the youth department, cost for lunch will be $10 per person. We hope you will make plans to stay for lunch and enjoy the fellowship.


We are always looking for more volunteers and/or chaperones to assist with the youth department. If this is something God has laid on your heart, please contact Tony Ridge 407-832-1162. God is doing remarkable things in this area of his church. We would love to have you be a part of it!

Please continue to come out on Sunday’s to Beef O’Bradys – Davenport and The Grille at Cypresswood – Winter Haven on Friday evenings for our Spirit Day’s!  This is a fantastic way to have a nice evening out and support the youth! We want to thank Duncan and Mary Ann Owen so graciously setting up these Spirit Day’s!


We will also be starting back up the Chick-fil-a fundraiser in September. We will have the date and times on Sunday morning announcement slides. Keep an eye out for it!

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Be encouraged.

He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge. Psalm 91:4

The image of God “[covering] us with his feathers” in Psalm 91:4 and in other Bible passages (see Ps. 17:8) is one of comfort and protection. The image that comes to mind is a mother bird covering her little ones with her feathers. Like a parent whose arms are a safe place to retreat from a scary storm or a hurt, God’s comforting presence provides safety and protection from life’s emotional storms.

Though we go through trouble and heartache, we can face them without fear as long as our faces are turned toward God. He is our “refuge” (91:2, 4, 9).

Copied from Our Daily Bread.


PAST:   The annual retreat was held July 20-22 at the Capernaum Lakeside Lodge.  We had 30 ladies attend for a time of study and encouragement.   “The Struggle is Real”    was a timely topic and well received.  This event is held annually the third or fourth week end in July.  It is a time to get to know your sisters in Christ a little better and to study the word of God and just rest, relax, and be refreshed.

PRESENT:   The Tuesday night ladies bible study has started up again after a short summer break.   The first session was held on August 14th at 6:30 pm in the fellowship hall. The study is under the leadership of Heidi Wallace and Serina Holloway.   The current study is “A Woman Who Doesn’t Quit “By Nikki Kozian.  This is a 12 week study of the book of Ruth.

Please join Heidi and Serina for a time of fellowship around the Word of God.   The study is held bi monthly on the second and fourth Tuesday each month.

FUTURE:  Our ladies Fall Out day retreat will be held on November 17, 2018 from 10:00 am until 1:00 pm in the fellowship hall of FBC Davenport.  Lunch will be served from noon until 1:00.   Our theme will be “Falling in Love with Jesus.” There is no charge for this event and our guest speaker will be Becky Blankenship.   Please mark your calendars,   you don’t want to miss this event. Invite Someone.

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Music Ministry

Greetings and salutations to you my brothers and sisters in Christ!

Psalm 9:1-2 says “I will praise you, Lord, with all my heart: I will tell of all the marvelous things you have done. I will be filled with joy because of you. I will sing praises to your name, O Most High.” In this passage the word praise is translated “thank”. And with all my heart expresses deep devotion and commitment. I will tell refers to educating the next generations with the marvelous things of creation, redemption, and revelation…revealing His character and power! For God’s powerful manifestations evoke public praise! Filled with joy refers to being overwhelmed by His grace, mercy , favor and provision…leaving us only one way to express our gratitude, by singing praises to the Most High! The Lord’s exalted status as the ruler and protector of the Godly!

So the next time we gather in the sanctuary to Worship and Praise the One True God…truly open your heart and try to remember we’re not just singing and playing instruments for our liking…but rather we’re thanking God from the depths of our hearts, setting examples for other generations, by expressing to our Creator our joy for all He has done! And because we are overflowing with that joy… we have no choice but to worship and praise Him!

Please join me in continuing to pray for our congregation to draw closer to Him…and for us to become more and more in tune with The Holy Spirit as we both serve and honor Him!

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I would like to tell you a little about myself and Sarah.  I am the Sergeant in the City of Eagle Lake.  I am currently in the Master of Ministry program at Warner University.  I also teach at the Criminal Justice Academy at Winter Haven Christian. I have been blessed to work with youth for many years, both at the Juvenile Boot Camp and School Resource Unit at the Polk County Sheriff’s Office.   Sarah is in the 8th grade at Winter Haven Christian School and wants to work in ministry upon completion of school.  She is very artistic and plans craft projects that go along with our lessons.


First, I would like to thank the parents for trusting Sarah and I with their kids each Sunday and Wednesday.  We are truly blessed to be able to spend time with them and teach them about Jesus.   For the month of August we are talking about courage.  So far we have learned about David’s courage when he faced Goliath and Moses’ courage when he went before Pharaoh.  I selected this topic because I know it can be scary starting school, going to a new school, or having classes with people we don’t really know.  Life can be scary sometimes!  My primary focus has been teaching them that they can trust God no matter what and do not have to fear the future.  Our Bible verse for August is Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through him who gives me strength.

Starting the first Wednesday in September we will begin our Children in Action ministry.  We are going to focus on learning about missions discipleship and they will hear Bible stories about unwavering faith.  Our theme for this study is “Unshakable Faith”.  I am very excited about this ministry!

Also, I can always use volunteers if anyone is interested.  If anyone would like to volunteer I would love for them to call me.  Working with the kids will truly be a blessing to them.  Looking at the world through their eyes puts life in perspective.   They teach me as much as I teach them!  I am planning to schedule a church lock-in in the upcoming months and a service event in December.

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