With Thanksgiving being over and the Christmas decorations and music almost everywhere we are starting the lessons on a series that of course leads up to Jesus’s birth.

The kiddos are so excited about Santa and presents that’s it’s hard for them to focus for long on anything else. I’m wanting to help them realize that God is always in control and he uses people and situations to accomplish his plan. We are planning on having a great month of fun with the kids and excitement while  learning about Jesus and the  events leading up to his birth. We have been up and down in attendance but had a great time the Sunday after Thanksgiving with a total of about 14 kids.

We always want parents to know that we enjoy your children and look forward to seeing them every Sunday.

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The Sunday School class is working with Ms. Bonnie on learning some worship songs we hope to perform for the church in the near future.

Every Sunday we are studying characteristics of our loving God. We have been sharing with each other how God blesses us daily. I am hoping to train them to look for his blessings in all that they do. In this day and age it is easy to focus on the negative and let it overshadow what a wonderful, loving God we have and how much he loves us and blesses us daily.

We are also learning to how to apply biblical principles to our life so that we shine the light of Jesus for the world to see.

We are continuing to emphasize that we can trust God no matter.

For a service project, we are planning to bake cookies to hand out one night during the Living Nativity and also a visit to a nursing home. As I get specific dates for these service projects, I will let you know.

Please continue to pray for our children and thank you again for sharing them with us each week!

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It’s December!   Where did the year go?  Typical questions we ask ourselves every year.   We all seem so busy getting ready for the holidays,   visits with family and friends,   parties to attend,   gifts to buy, decorations to hang.

Many of us light up ours houses by stringing lights all around.   We decorate trees with hundreds of lights.  Can there be too many lights?   This year as you hang your lights think about the light that is within you.   Jesus said “You are the light of the world.  A town built on a hill cannot be hidden.”   Matthew 5:14

God did not intend that we should hoard this light.  He intended for us to share it.   Give this prayer a thought this month.

“Lord help me to step out of my comfort zone and seek to brighten some of the darkness around me.”

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