It is interesting to me how the world, in general, recognizes Christianity as a religion and will even practice some sort of celebration on Easter Sunday, but really do not understand or accept the real reason Easter even exists. Even Christian churches can’t wait to get out of church so they can take their children to hunt colored eggs in the hot Florida sun. Candy is handed out and we treat it like another day with some religious implications attached. Stop for a minute and think what was taking place in the spiritual world the day Christ rose from the grave. The cross was empty, but the grave had the body of Christ. Hell is reinforcing troops around the grave. Rumor has it that Jesus would come alive again and that could never happen if Satan was to win. While hell is frantic trying to make sure Jesus stays dead, Jesus is just waiting for the command from the Father to make his grand entrance into the history books. The first man to defeat death. Not just this once, but forever.

What Satan should have known and what we all need to remember is that Jesus was/is more than a man. He is God in the flesh. Our Savior, redeemer and soon coming King. Death could not hold him because he is all powerful. Sin could not stain him because he is holy, and time could not limit him because he is eternal. We should celebrate the resurrection every day. Why? Because without the resurrection there is no victory. A battle was won that you and I did not fight. A grave was occupied that we deserved and a cross was bled upon that we earned. It is time we stop talking about the victory won through Christ and start living the victory that is ours.

That is my perspective.

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