With Thanksgiving being over and the Christmas decorations and music almost everywhere we are starting the lessons on a series that of course leads up to Jesus’s birth.

The kiddos are so excited about Santa and presents that’s it’s hard for them to focus for long on anything else. I’m wanting to help them realize that God is always in control and he uses people and situations to accomplish his plan. We are planning on having a great month of fun with the kids and excitement while  learning about Jesus and the  events leading up to his birth. We have been up and down in attendance but had a great time the Sunday after Thanksgiving with a total of about 14 kids.

We always want parents to know that we enjoy your children and look forward to seeing them every Sunday.

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By: Sharon Bridges

The 4-5 class have been talking about how awesome God is. Our emphasis on how God protected Daniel in the lion’s den and when Jesus tells Peter to catch a fish and it will have a coin in its mouth. We also brought in a couple of guinea pigs named Godzilla and Oreo, along with doodle bugs to talk about the awesome creatures God has created.
We are getting ready for VBS and looking forward to a great turnout of kids!

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